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Are you getting your best return on investment?

It is a well-known fact that motivated and engaged staff work at higher level, stay for longer, and improve their performance and your bottom line.

For most businesses the top 4 areas that bring the best Return on Investment are:

  1. Recruitment & Selection - Get the right person first time and they are more likely to stay and be productive.
  2. Induction and peer training set up the position and settle your new employee in well.
  3. Employment documentation have clearly defined job descriptions, contracts and company policies.
  4. Staff exit strategies & Redundancy.  Try to avoid personal grievances and send your ex- employee back into the job market with confidence.

Getting these issues right allows you to:

  • Know you have the right person who can and will do the job.
  • See your employees engaged, involved and working productively.
  • Spend more time on business issues.
  • Be able to afford your own on-call HR adviser.

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