0800 REAL IQ

Do you find recruiting and selecting the right person for your organisation time consuming and encompassing? Think you can have the pick of the employment market bunch right now?


With SHRC Recruitment Packages you will only pay for our time and intellectual property, not a percentage of the annual wage.

It’s all a gamble if you are not sure or you don’t have the Recruiting knowledge.  Let us work alongside you to make the right choices. You tell us exactly what your company needs and requires and we will ensure you find the right calibre of candidates to place in the position successfully.

  •  Less time
  •  All required documentation available immediately

Your business needs cost effective and efficient Recruitment & Selection processes in place to ensure that the right decisions are made.  We can also support you by reviewing and improving the existing Recruitment and Selection practices.

Our support includes:

  •  Job analysis & job design
  •  Creation of documentation e.g. job description and person specification
  •  Job advertisement and advertising
  •  Applicant telephone screening, long listing, short listing, arranging interviews
  •  Skills and personality testing
  •  Interview questionnaire design
  •  Competency and behavioural based interviewing and assessment
  •  Comprehensive reference checking
  •  Work Profile testing
  •  Job offer documents
  •  Inductions


You’ve spent time and money hiring a fantastic new employee.  How confident are you that you’ll keep them for more than one year?

Did you know that more than half of the employees who leave organisations do so in the first year!  During the first few days/weeks of the new job the employee either decides to stay or decides to go. You only have these few weeks to create a good impression of the organisation in the employee’s mind.  Create a good positive impression and the employee will want to become part of your company.  The key to achieving a positive impression is to have a well - planned, accurate and well run employee induction program.

Let us help design and run an induction programme that will ensure the new employee understands the policies and procedures, where the organisation is going and how it will get there, who to talk to about the new job and new rules and is able to settle in to the organisation comfortably and quickly.