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Define the positions tasks and responsibilities, provide structure, set measurable expectations, and ensure there is an accurate job fit.  Job Descriptions are the foundational tool to set goals, manage performance, analyse salaries and they include our new Health & Safety obligations.


In Selection

Job Descriptions can provide specific information about the skills, knowledge and abilities required to perform successfully on the job. This information can be used to formulate job-related selection criteria and screening tools such as interview questions.

For Classification Purposes

Job Analysis can provide information necessary for classifying positions and for making objective determinations about the value of a specific job in comparison with other jobs.

In Performance Appraisals

Job Descriptions create a detailed, objective description of the position that allows both managers and the employee to have a shared understanding of the job. They also provide the information necessary to develop concrete performance standards.

For Planning Career Ladders

Job Descriptions can provide the understanding of a job and it's relation to other jobs needed to initiate professional development.

For Training Purposes

Job Analysis can assist in developing objectives, standards and curricula for individual and/or group training.

Let us help you create a company structure that sets out the company's positions clearly by writing superior job descriptions.

A good job description will also focus your attention (and your recruiters) on what is really needed in the role. Whether it is a replacement hire or a newly created position, the nuances of a particular role will be clearly highlighted and provide a clear set of objectives to identify the most suitable candidate.  Done well, it will save you time and money ensuring you see only the most relevant applicants.