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Every Employee is required by law to have an Employment Agreement

• Permanent part or full time Individual Employment Agreement
• Fixed Term Employment Agreement
• Casual Employment Agreement
• Letter of Offer

These agreements are contracts that are binding on both the employer and employee.  They are separate and distinct from employee handbooks or policies and procedures, which are intended as guidelines for all employees.

The employee’s rights are largely protected by law.  If you do not follow the correct procedure, you will find yourself in trouble, regardless of whether there is an employment agreement in place or not.

However, the reverse is not true.  If you are mistreated by an Employee, for example by them being consistently late, or rude to clients, or misusing company property, an employment agreement is an essential tool to assist in addressing the problem.  Why?  Because an employment agreement spells out what is, and what is not, acceptable in your employment relationships.

By signing the agreement, both employee and employer are stating that they accept the rules.  If those rules are broken, you are now in a position to deal with the employee issues effectively.



This service is drawn from the provisions of the Employment Relations Act 2003 and is provided in good faith.  If the documentation is used by the client as a template there is no admission of liability on our behalf for incorrect application of the documentation.  We strongly recommend you take advice for each contract and/or documentation.  We have designed this disclosure statement to serve our clients and our employees fairly.  You should remember to consider every piece of information you receive, not as an actual recommendation, but as an idea for further consideration.  Our disclosure policy does not relieve individuals from taking responsibility for their own decisions.  Due diligence and critical thought are crucial to your business success.  We would also like to point out that the law does change and therefore while the documentation supplied is current at the time, this will not always remain the case and we will not be held accountable clients rely on out of date advice.