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Courses: Team training


Your business can only grow to the level of our team!

Competitors can duplicate so much of your business – your systems, your supply chain, your routes to market but there is one unique part of your business that they cannot copy – Your Team! Developing your team and cultivating an environment and culture where they are engaged, equipped and focused on common goals can be your single best business investment.

We work with you to create the best team possible. Send us an email if you want to discuss creating a programme specifically for your team or select from our courses below:


Creating Awesome Team Dynamics course

A great place to start getting the best from your team is to ensure they all understand each other (and why some team members drive them nuts!) Understanding people’s personalities helps team members to accept and adapt where necessary towards achieving a common outcome. This course is designed to help people understand their own personality and better appreciate other team members, exploring how to best communicate, engage and work together.

We explore matching people to the best role for them and ensuring they understand what is expected of them and how to stay positive and productive all day. Having the “right person on right seat” makes a difference – create this dynamic for your team today. 

Teams Through Change course

Do you understand why people struggle with change? Did you know that there are clear steps in the change process? This course will show you the stages all teams go through, the dynamics of change and equip you with the tools to manage change. Managing change has 3 broad parts – the build up to change, the time of change and then post the change event where team leaders need to ensure that new behaviours stick and people do not slip back into old habits. 

Team Leadership and Engagement course

Engaged players make effective teams. Discover the 5 elements of team engagement to create a positive culture where people at all levels take ownership of their role and strive to deliver results.

Leaders share their vision and inspire the team to deliver the results. Come and be challenged, stretched and equipped to take your team to the next level. 

5 Elements of Engaged Resilient teams course

The 5 Elements series equips people with core skills. In the modern era of change and technological advances TEAMS need to be able to respond quickly and effectively to increasing demands. Equipping a team with a resilience mindset gives them the ability to change, respond & redirect their focus and energy where it will give the best returns.

Discover how to create teams that are Targeted; Engaged; Accountable; Motivated and Successful. 

Team SWOT AND SO WHAT Analysis course

Do you need to get your team’s input on an idea? Do you need to change your company culture? Do you want your team to feel part of the company developments? An engaging brainstorm involving the whole team can deliver amazing outcomes and creates incredible buy-in to ideas and growth plans.

These highly interactive sessions are fast paced and do not take long to run – minimising team down-time! Previous sessions have received amazing feedback from employees and provided valuable insight allowing actions to be taken that are effective and focused on core issues and areas.